Easy to say, hard to accomplish. When you feel you’ve done a great job of shuffling the many things that make up your day… it’s a major victory and worth celebrating.

At Cheeks we think picking out the perfect outfit with you is so fun! We know your days are busy and your mind is full… so put us to the test and say “dress me up for the day!” That’s what we’re here for and we love doing it!

Oh baby… These days finding my balance seems to be out of reach, but this is going to be my daily goal until I find my rhythm again. With a 7 month old beautiful boy, a busy creative daughter, keeping up with school papers, work papers, basketball, singing, a sweet husband and owning a business that I love… I’m chasing after my days. It’s the story of being a women isn’t it?
We’re all looking for ways to be better, to simplify and to have balance in our lives. That’s why we’re reading parenting blogs, trying to find ways to get our kids excited about reading and looking for weekly meal plans. We search Pinterest for outfit tips and try to get ourselves ready in less than 10 minutes so we can get everyone off to school and work on time.

The daily list is long and it all starts with getting out of bed and getting dressed! I don’t know about you but taking a shower and getting dressed before my kids wake up has been a major victory, when accomplished. Plus, I feel so much more productive and ready to tackle the day.

Here are my mom go-to-outfits for the week from Cheeks!

Sincerely, Laura Bouma